Scrap, baskets and internal study visits

The internal baskets at Tor start to be arranged with space before the start of production. The building for scrap management on the west side outside is starting to take shape. Inspection of fire alarms and other equipment is approaching with leaps and bounds. During the next few weeks, regular study visits are made up at Tor for our employees in the production.

Inspections and more test runs

We are now in a rather frustrating time connected to the process, most things look clear but nothing seems to happen. We are working on software and cleaning of residual points from the last run in order to be able to run the next test which is scheduled for Friday week 45. Inspection of offices and staff part will also be done this week and we hope for a good result. Blasting and road construction on the east side are continuing and asphalting continues inside the fence during Thursday, week 45.

Framing of Tor

The fence is set in all weather directions except on the east side, where blasting is in progress for a future route for continued framing of Tor. At the same time, filling of billets takes place internally and the safety fence is placed around the aging furnaces for test start.

Internal basket

Our first internal baskets at Tor are getting ready with space. The basket inventory has been completed for intake and the inventory of dies is starting to be filled with extrusion dies. Inspection has begun and yesterday, Wednesday, the house was inspected. At the end of week 43, hot billets is run again from the press until the stretch.

The final part of the construction process

Right now, the focus is on software and connections to our internal IT environment and especially to the first parts of the process, ie intake of billets, layer of billets and and billet ovens. Our new internal baskets have begun to be delivered and Tor’s control room at the press has been installed in the hall. While the details of the respective construction and process projects continue we have started to tie the bag together in the form of gathering documentation and compiling the whole. A large part of what we will soon be facing is our so-called “coordinated function tests”, for example when an alarm goes off, the fire alarm should call SOS, close the ventilation and open the fire dampers.