The work proceeds with installation after installation

Inventory for aluminium billets and baskets are starting to take shape and our suppliers are working on their installation. The floor is now finished and today forms a solid foundation for the large machines that will fill Tor´s body.

Feed of aluminium billets

One of our suppliers has arrived with a first installation gruop that now begins with mounting the billet inventory and then proceeding with the feed of aluminium billets.
The flooring follows the plan and today, 7/5, the final stages will begin and will be completed during the week. Then grinding remains on selected surfaces, which takes place during week 20. Crane tracks for hoists are being mounted and the installation takes place in a few weeks, when crane tracks are clear and submerged. The ventilation house above the technical buildings is being set in to place. Eon is ready with the introduction of the power cable and they are now waiting for us to be ready with our switchgear installations before the voltage is released.

Thor´s body is getting ready

Electricity supply and fiber to Tor are in place. The top casting of the floor begins during week 17. In two weeks, our suppliers begin to install/assemble process parts. We check of sub-goals for sub-goals to our head goal of finish the building.

Much power for a strong Tor

Tor is about to get his electrical connections to him. The idea is that in the middle of May, the power must be switched on, before that it is necessary to dig about 400 meters and lay down pipes and cables. Everything for Tor to be able to deliver extrusions with thunder and lightning.

The laying floor is in progress

This week, there is full focus on the flooring that started towards the end of last week. Today, Monday, is about half of the floor surface laid. Then it remains to lay the surface layer so that everything becomes smooth and fine.