Test runs

The test runs of the machines have been started individually so that they can later be connected and work together. At the same time, Tor’s operators are working on other operations of the plant.

Many different forces striving ahead

Progress follows plan, at present there is focus on electrical installations, some test runs are in progress and we can see that the parts start´s moving slowly but surely. This period can be very frustrating, as the plant starts to look finished and nothing seems to happen. Physical assembly remains in the packing area where we are still waiting for the final deliveries from our process supplier.

A lot of work and workers at Tor right now

An incredible amount of different work is happening right now throughout the hall. All of our suppliers are in place and the physical installation work is starting to be completed. In many places the voltage is on, it´s seen by the lamps and sensors that light up in different places in the hall. Some smaller test runs have already taken place in selected places. What remains is the assembly of the packing station which is scheduled to be delivered to us shortly. At the same time, construction of office and staff spaces on the inside is ongoing, while on the outside we have started preparing for asphalting of the driving surfaces.

The last large area to assemble has begun

The start of the installation of our new caustic plant is underway. A brand new concept for us that will be very exciting to follow. Other assemblies are flowing according to plan and the assembly of the pack, which is the last large area to physically assemble, has begun.

Tor welcomes us back after the summer holiday

During the summer holiday, work on Tor has continued with full force and we can now see that a large share of the process installations is now in place. The commissioning of selected parts has started as little as possible (safety here is very important!) While mechanical completion and electrical installations are in progress on other parts. Work on offices and staff space has also begun and is expected to take a few more weeks before it is move-in day. Everything follows plan so far, which Tor is very pleased with.