The press is on it´s way to Åseda…

All aging furnaces and lifiting tables are now in place at Tor and the assembly of these is proceeding as planned. The press is on the way and the latest update is that it leaves Trelleborg at 09.00 today, Wednesday and is expected to come to Åseda about 12.00. Then it´s lifted in place during the day. The crane for the automatic bearing is mounted and the electrical installations are in progress. Preparations for the installation of the tool layer has also been started up. Tor’s writing hand now takes vacation, but the work on the site continues a bit, until then Tor & his friends want a lovely summer!

Large deliveries at the entrance of Tor

It’s busy days up on Tor now in the early July, big deliveries are on it´s way. We are preparing for the delivery of the press and the aging furnaces. The night before Wednesday are we expecting the first delivery in the form of six trucks with our large aging furnaces. These will be taken into the factory on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the first stacker will also be delivered. At the same time, most of the FAT tests are now completed without any major remarks, the stretch is mounted and the tracks around it are soon done while office and personnel spaces are being built up. Busy days ahead…

Tor doesn´t take off for holiday

Everything rolls on according to plan at Tor and the process team goes away next week to check off the last details about the finishing work with our supplier. Tor doesn´t take summer holiday but instead works for the whole summer…

Mounting and some more mounting

The process assembly continues on Tor and there are many suppliers working at the same time. The assembly and welding of the puller rail, mounting of the billet crane and preparations for future assembly are the closest projects. At the same time, material deliveries continue to Tor. On average, there are 2-3 trucks per day with delivery of equipment that we try to set up so that it can be mounted according to the installation plan. Many of our colleagues are traveling abroad in the next few weeks and meet our suppliers for press and billet ovens.

Facade sign of Tor is up!

Last week we mounted our facade sign which now adorns the front wall of Tor. During this week, our process suppliers have continued to mount the puller rails and run-out while the material deliveries continue to flow into Tor. The last floor casting at the press foundation has been cast during the week so now the whole floor is finished. During Tuesday a rain came in with heavy downpours that created a larger fountain in the property, these factors cannot be affected or predicted, but make us more prepared for similar events in the future.